Quality Assurance

We will help you maneuver through the regulatory maze so your products comply with the latest Food and Drug Administration requirements. Our warehouses and suppliers adhere to strict procedures to ensure that the proper guidelines for sanitation and food safety are followed.

The following documentation is available for all products:

  • Specification Sheet and Nutrition per 100g
  • Product Guarantee
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • 3rd Party Audit Certificate and/or copy of report
  • Kosher and/or Halal certification (if applicable)
  • Organic Certification (if applicable)
  • Certificates Of Analysis
  • Safety Data Sheets (if applicable)
  • Allergen Statements
  • Gluten and GMO Statements
  • HACCP Plan/ Food Safety Plan flow chart with CCP’s.
  • Lot Code Explanation
  • Country of Orgin Statement
  • Vegan Statement
  • No Animal Testing Statment
  • GMP Policy
  • Recall Procedure and emergency contact
  • Food Fraud Plan
  • Foreign Material Control Plan
  • Heavy Metals and Pesticide statements
  • Social & Ethical responsiblity statement