In partnership with our esteemed suppliers for almost 90 years. We take pride in our dedication to the sourcing and delivery of high-quality food and beverage ingredients to manufacturers.

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  • Julian W. Black established our company with a focus on supplying canned goods to the retail grocery trade.
  • Julian's son, James W. Black, entered the business and expanded the product line to include bakery ingredients such as salt, starches, and sweeteners.
  • Jim's (James') son, Jeffrey W. Black, joined the company, leading to expansion into other sectors of food manufacturing. During this period, our ingredient portfolio grew to include onions, garlic, herbs, and vegetables.
  • We introduced Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) herbs and vegetables to our portfolio, expanding our product lines to include more global flavors and value-added items for manufacturers.
  • Further integration into the brewery, distillery and winery market segment adding product lines and resources to specifically cater to this industry.
  • Introduced R&D and Concept Development as part of our service to every customer.